Mercedes-Benz Sprinter OM642 & OM651 BlueTEC Diesel Issues & Problems

June 17, 2021 — The following comments are my own opinions.  After 50 years working with and for Mercedes-Benz as a Mechanic, Shop Foreman, Instructor, Service Manager and Shop Owner I retired in 2018.  I no longer have any affiliation with Mercedes-Benz or its authorized dealers. 

I started this article about 10 […]

BlueTec Diesel Oil

I need to rewrite this article about BlueTec diesel oil.  I get so many calls about what’s the best oil, that I haven’t had time.  I normally have to think about what I’ll say, because everybody and their Mother gets twisted.  For the moment, I’ll be blunt.  Mercedes is using a Gasoline engine oil […]

Breaking-in a new BlueTec diesel

Diesel Particulate Filter and the DPF Monitor operation

DPF operation parameters / 2019 and 2020
DPF operation parameters / Model Years 2007 to 2018

As of model year 2019, Mercedes-Benz began installing a DPF monitor in the BlueTEC Sprinter Instrument Cluster.  The DPF is the “Diesel Particulate Filter”.  It’s a symbol in the Instrument Cluster that looks like a muffler with dots in it.  […]

Battery Advice

If you have a dead battery, you’ll want to use a genuine Mercedes-Benz battery. Aftermarket batteries don’t have enough amperage and cause low voltage fault codes when the system is under peak loads. Low voltage confuses the control modules and causes a host of problems that just end up costing you far more then you could ever […]

When did you first learn the value of a good mechanic?