Mercedes-Benz has dozens of service bulletins about major engine failures.   I can post them, because they are copyrighted.   Mercedes makes them hard for customers to find, because they are posted in a subscription only technical website,   It cost $60 just to log-in one time, so most customers won’t do this.   The bulletins have a common theme.  They talk about oil related engine failures on almost all of the engines Mercedes-Benz builds.  These bulletins are only a tiny number of what Mercedes-Benz admits to.   This is now how auto manufactures parse their words to avoid Class Action lawsuits; in my opinion.    Manufactures are making it harder to see these bulletins because they don’t want them falling into the hands of Class Action attorneys.   Manufactures wait until most cars are out of warranty before they admit to these problems.   By then, it’s to late & the “Check Engine” lights are flashing.   No one ever tells the customers that the real reason for all these problems could have been prevented with simply changing the oil every 6000 miles.