Word for word; this is what Mercedes-Benz calls their 2014 “Maintenance Strategy“ or “Service-Package-Pricing-System“ (SPPS).
(Mercedes-Benz published this internal document to somehow clean up their Maintenance Schedules.   Customers never seem to know what service their car is due for, & this will demonstrate the reason for the confusion.    It is no accident.    Whoever wrote this, doesn’t know a Banjo Bolt from a Muffler Bearing.   My comments are in green.)

{{The “Service-Package-Pricing-System” (SPPS) provides support for the entire maintenance process. Dealer offers and the service items included in the PLUS package are compiled in this system.


Both workshops and the customer will benefit from the extended maintenance scopes from the very first kilometer driven.  Effective immediately, we will offer maintenance that is more cost-efficient and competitive without compromising the usual Mercedes-Benz service quality.  This can be achieved by making maintenance less complicated and concentrating on the basic service which covers the technically essential items. (????? )

Maintenance strategy
The previous maintenance scopes of the minor and major basic service (Service A and B) have now been divided into Basic Service A and B, covering the technically essential items.
The basic packages are available for price-conscious customers.  Some individual service items, which previously formed part of the maintenance scopes, have been omitted from these packages.  Basic service A or B is required every 10,000 mi or once a year.  (The Service A & B are both simple oil changes.  How much more can they omit?)
Plus Package
The PLUS package is now available additionally.  This PLUS package allows workshops to offer convenient and helpful service items to their customers.  These service items will continue to be performed by Mercedes-Benz Service.
The PLUS package includes the following additional checking and maintenance operations:
•Check windshield washer system
•Check headlamp cleaning system
•Check tire pressure
•Inspect wiper blades
•Check trunk illumination
•Check indicator lamps in instrument cluster and interior compartment
•Check headlamp adjustment
The PLUS package must be offered to the customer by the service advisor during a consultation because it no longer forms part of the maintenance scopes.  The aim of the consultation must be to offer the customer a tailor-made package.  (I don’t know how they can offer this “tailor-made package” with a straight face.  How much do they charge to “check the trunk illumination”?  These are all worthless things that no shop would charge a customer.  There are expensive systems that customers don‘t realize they need routine maintenance.  When does Mercedes plan on recommending they be serviced? When these systems needlessly fail, repair cost go into orbit.)

Benefits of maintenance strategy   (Who benefits???)
For the customer
• The maintenance costs for the basic service are reduced
– This provides customer satisfaction from a financial point of view
• All essential technical operations are included in full as part of the basic service  (The essential operations are not included.  Where is the ABC, Transmission, Rear Axle, Power Steering, Transfer Case, Front Differential, Brake Fluid, Antifreeze, Spark Plugs, Air Filters, or Cabin Filters? When will they recommend these things?)
– This strengthens trust   (I’m sure the “price-conscious customer” will be overwhelmed with trust as they drive off with 20 psi of air & a nail in their L/R tire.)
• The defined service scopes for the basic service mean that working times and costs are already predetermined
– This increases transparency   (I don’t think Mercedes knows the meaning of “transparency”.  Will customers actually see through the “Service-Package-Pricing-System”, or do they assume Mercedes-Benz would never do this to a customer?  Most customers would never believe a company with the reputation of Mercedes-Benz would ever stoop to this.)

• The PLUS package consisting of convenient service operations that customers appreciate is optional
– This improves freedom of choice   (If you mislead your customer into thinking this is all their car needs, how is this a choice?)
• Service dates are fixed and are no longer unpredictable
– This facilitates planning
• Potential damage or defects can be detected earlier than before thanks to the annual inspections
– This ensures safety   (How safe will you feel when the ABC suspension collapses while you’re driving in rush hour traffic?)

For the workshop

• Customers visit the workshop at least once a year
– This means that workshops have more contact with customers
• The reduced basic service allows workshops to provide attractive pricing
– This increases customer loyalty
• The fixed intervals allow workshops to plan customer visits precisely
– This allows workshops to plan their activities more reliably
• This planning ability allows workshops to prepare for each customer and his or her vehicle in detail
– This increases customer satisfaction
• By actively selling the PLUS package, workshops have the opportunity to develop customer relationships in order to obtain additional business
– This strengthens the relationship between customer and workshop}}

(“Service-Package-Pricing-System” is Mercedes-Benz latest attempt to intentionally obfuscate any semblance of preventive maintenance.   I once thought Mercedes words spoke for themselves & customers must surely see through this film-flam.   I now know people don’t see this for what it really is.    As Mercedes likes to say,  “The Best or Nothing“.   Well, in this case, they got it right.   Their “Maintenance Strategy” is nothing!  In my opinion.)