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Exclusively Mercedes-Benz for Over 50 Years

5 National 'Service Excellence' Awards with Mercedes-Benz

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When you’re searching for excellence, you can begin right where you’re standing…..
go the extra mile… exceed what is expected… & accept nothing that’s ‘good enough‘.
Excellence is a sincere effort combined with skillful execution.   All the talk in the world, can’t take its place.
Excellence is not one of many alternatives.   Excellence is intentional.   It is the standard to which we hold ourselves accountable!

        “Integrity, is matching what you say,

         with what you actually do.”

Organizations with great customer service are able to grow their businesses without gimmicks.  Coupons, “VIP discounts” & awards programs, are just band-ads for mediocre customer service.   What would happen if you were good at what you do & sincerely cared about your customers?   What a concept.   It just might work.

Typically our first contact with a customer is after they’ve seen a unfamiliar warning light, or they’ve gotten costly repair estimate.   By now, most people realize today’s cars are way more complicated than they were in the past.   Mercedes-Benz BlueTec diesel is a perfect example.   Stories of diesel reliability are legendary.   But today’s BlueTec diesel is a totally different animal.    Today’s diesel has as much in common with its predecessor as the Space Shuttle   has to the Wright Brothers first airplane.   It would’ve been nice if the Salesman told buyers what to expect, but he’s afraid people wouldn’t buy the car if he said to much.   The problem is, there’s not really anyone in the dealership that wants to stick their neck out & explain how the owner should take care of their car.   Everyone is busy & they assume someone else must have explained things.    And that’s assuming someone really wants to explain how new cars work.   You didn’t actually think any manufacture or their dealer would tell you how to make your car last 30 years?   For one thing, the manufacture doesn’t even want your car on the road 30 years from now?   For those of you that actually read your Owners Manual, you didn’t really get much information.   The EPA also doesn’t want your car on the road for 30 years.   Old cars pollute.   Ten years is the limit, & the maintenance schedule is designed for a ten year life span.    We’ve worked exclusively on Mercedes-Benz vehicles for 50 years.   We have a vested interest in keeping your Mercedes-Benz on the road for the next 30 years.   If your car starts costing to much to maintain, you’ll fire us & buy a new car.   Mercedes-Benz & other manufactures have eliminated many items from their routine maintenance.    Not because they’re not needed, but to stay within the 10 year cycle.   People are told new cars are built so well, they don’t need maintenance like they did in the past.    Nobody likes spending money, so it’s easy to convince owners to ignore the maintenance.    The maintenance program they do have, is so confusing that no two dealers do things the same way.    After 10 years of ricocheting through the dealership, it’s to late.   People get sick of Check Engine lights, transmission problems & collapsed suspensions.   By then, the car has depreciated so much, people think it’s not worth keeping.   In case you haven’t noticed, your new car depreciates so fast it’s to scary to think about.   It depreciates so fast, because it’s junk in 10 years.   Maybe, if it lasted longer, it wouldn’t depreciate $10000 to $30000 per year.   But, you did the maintenance just as you were told, & the manufacture & EPA thank you very much.
We’re a small East Sacramento Mercedes-Benz service center.   For the same money you’re already spending, we can show you how to make your Mercedes-Benz last 30 years.    We don’t have the luxury of endless new car warranty repairs or millions in factory advertising.   We actually encourage the customer to look under their car while we show them what & why something needs to be fixed.   There is no mystery lurking under your car.    The more you know & understand your Mercedes-Benz, the easier our job is.