BlueTec Diesel Oil

I need to rewrite this article about BlueTec diesel oil.  I get so many calls about what’s the best oil, that I haven’t had time.  I normally have to think about what I’ll say, because everybody and their Mother gets twisted.  For the moment, I’ll be blunt.  Mercedes is using a Gasoline engine oil […]

Breaking-in a new BlueTec diesel

Diesel Particulate Filter and the DPF Monitor operation

DPF operation parameters / 2019 and 2020
DPF operation parameters / Model Years 2007 to 2018

In 2019 Mercedes-Benz installed a DPF monitor in the Instrument Cluster.  It’s a symbol that looks like a muffler with dots in it.  It displays the percentage of soot in the DPF.  When the DPF is filled with 100% of […]