Mercedes Benz Repair

Over the years, people have repeatedly told us they think it would be cheaper for them to buy a new car rather than spend the money it takes to maintain or repair their current car.  We know people struggle with seeing the benefits of preventive maintenance.  What gets people into trouble in the first place, is they think the Mercedes-Benz “recommended” maintenance schedule is in their car’s best interest.  The reality is, the “recommended” schedule is the bare minimum Mercedes uses to get the car through the first 50,000 miles of warranty so Mercedes doesn’t have to pay for the repairs.  After that, the sooner your car has problems, the sooner you’ll replace it with a new car.  Think about it; why would any automaker tell you how to maintain your car so it could last for 20 or 30 years?  Automakers don’t even want you driving the same car for 10 years.  If cars were reliability on the road for 20 years or more, automakers would be forced to shut down half their assembly lines.  Plus, automakers are required by law to consistently  increase their fleet fuel economy standards & reduce their fleet emission levels.  If they don’t, the government hits them with heavy fines.   The only way automakers can meet the regulatory standards,  is to replace their fleets every 5 or 6 years with models more compliant with tougher regulations.  There is no way they can comply if you’re driving around in your car for 10, 15, or 20 years.  The real truth is, the “new & improved” extended service intervals are intended to get you into a new car sooner.  Your new Mercedes-Benz would be just as bulletproof reliable as any legendary Mercedes, if it was maintained the same as they were in the past.   In those days, Mercedes-Benz & other automakers, didn’t face the threat of crushing bureaucratic government regulations.  If the public suddenly woke-up to hidden cost of ownership, it would turn the auto industry upside-down.   It never happen, because it’s to no one’s benefit to change the current business model.   Dealers & manufactures go out of their way to scare owners that they will violate their warranty if they deviate in any way from the “factory recommended” service.   We have customers that are wise to this & do the correct maintenance from day one.   They don’t have issues with the warranty, because nothing breaks!   After the warranty is over, they have a car that continues trouble free for as long as they do normal maintenance.   Owners also receive the added benefit of a car that gets better fuel economy & pollutes less.   Their car also doesn’t end-up in a Salvage Yard 20 years before it should.
People don’t like spending money on preventive maintenance because they can’t see the immediate benefit.  Plus, how do you ever prove something didn’t happen?  On the other hand, you wouldn’t stop taking a Aspirin every day because you haven’t had a Stroke.   Or you wouldn’t stop brushing your teeth because they’re not rotten.   It’s called “preventive maintenance” for a reason.