Typically our first contact with a new customer is after they’ve seen a maintenance message in their Instrument Cluster. People want to know what it means & what it will cost. No matter

how closely you read you Owners Booklet, you’ll not find a explanation. That’s because Mercedes-Benz never explained the meanings of the different service messages. Mercedes wants

customers to contact their dealer & they will explain things.Frankly, most people don’t want to hear a technical explanation of the maintenance because it sounds like gibberish.

People are told new cars are better built & therefore don’t need as much preventive maintenance. While there has

been quantum leaps in technology, we can assure you the laws of physics have not been repealed. Air Filters still

get dirty, condensation still contaminates the fluids, & heat is higher than ever. Open the hood this summer after

you get home from work. Manufactures have done a great job convincing the public that their vehicles are so

much better, preventive maintenance is a thing of the past. Most cars will make it through the warranty period

before the problems begin. If owners ever took the time to read manufacture Service Bulletins, they would quickly

notice a pattern. Mercedes-Benz doesn’t just have a few bulletins about Engine Balance Shaft failures, Crankshaft

Main Bearing failures, Differential failures, Transmission failures, & Timing Chain failures. They have hundreds of

Service Bulletins about these things. People are under the mistaken impression that Mercedes-Benz will pay for

these problems after the warranty is over. Virtually every major failure is the result of neglect & was totally

preventable. It’s a hard lesson, but you don’t get something for nothing. Every year Mercedes-Benz comes up with

a new marketing plan to “simplify” maintenance. For 2014 they’re calling it “Service-Package-Pricing-

System”. Now, they say, “for the price-conscious customer”, they will be omitting even more service items

from their already depleted maintenance programs. So much for “The Best or Nothing”.

We know 90% of the owners will believe this baloney & we won’t change them. For the 10% that know better, we

will not be omitting anything from our 2014 maintenance plan. We will also continue treating our customers like

the friends they are.