Mercedes-Benz & Sprinter BlueTec Diesel Issues/Problems

{I will readily admit, the Mercedes-Benz BlueTec Sprinter & the Mercedes-Benz SUV’s are extremely popular.   They are great driving & very handy.    I wouldn’t mind owning one.    But, I own my own Mercedes-Benz shop & I know what I’m dealing with.   For the average owner, it’s not going to be easy or cheap.   I […]

Did You Know?

(For many decades Mercedes-Benz technical service department published a feature they called “Did You Know”.  It was intended to pass on helpful technical information to Mercedes-Benz mechanics around the world.  It was information that didn’t fit the standard mold for a official service bulletin, but still needed to get into the field.  […]


Over the years, people have repeatedly told us they think it would be cheaper for them to buy a new car rather than spend the money it takes to maintain or repair their current car.  We know people struggle with seeing the benefits of preventive maintenance.  What gets people into trouble in the […]

When did you first learn the value of a good mechanic?

Typically our first contact with a new customer is after they’ve seen a maintenance message in their Instrument Cluster. People want to know what it means & what it will cost. No matter
how closely you read you Owners Booklet, you’ll not find a explanation. That’s because Mercedes-Benz never explained the meanings of the different […]