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Mercedes-Benz & Sprinter OM642 BlueTec Diesel Issues/Problems

Most people find this website after a problem with their Mercedes-Benz BlueTec diesel or they are looking at a new Sprinter.   Still others have found the link on an owner’s forum.   The article was originally written as a way to explain the BlueTec diesel to my local customers.  As time passed I […]

HELP… I put gas in my diesel!

Sometimes owners make the mistake of putting gas in their diesel.    A number of owners have told me their dealer charged them $20000 to fix the fuel system.   Dealers even replace the fuel tank.   This is outrageous.
There are several ways of dealing with this problem & spending $20000 is not one […]

BlueTec Diesel Oil

People keep calling me wanting to know what’s the best oil for their BlueTec diesel. They don’t want a long explanation, “just tell me the best oil?”  No problem.  Use Redline 15W/40 diesel oil.

For those of you that want to understand this problem, keep reading.  The Redline 15w/40 is a decent oil.  It’s way […]

Breaking-in a new BlueTec diesel

It’s to bad Mercedes-Benz didn’t use Break-in oil in their BlueTec diesels.   If they had, the piston rings would have formed a perfect seal with the cylinder walls.  BlueTec diesel’s run much higher compression than earlier diesels or gas engines.  BlueTec diesel’s have abnormally high levels of fuel dilution.  Piston rings with the […]

Diesel Particulate Filters and Catalytic Converters

How fragile is the DPF and Catalytic Converter?
DPFs and Catalytic Converters have been around for decades.  When it comes to the final cleanup of what goes out the tail pipe the DPF and Catalytic Converters do the heavy lifting.

For years the EPA has passed all sorts of regulations to make their lives easier.  One […]

Battery Advice

If you have a dead battery, you’ll want to use a genuine Mercedes-Benz battery. Aftermarket batteries don’t have enough amperage and cause low voltage fault codes when the system is under peak loads. Low voltage confuses the control modules and causes a host of problems that just end up costing you far more then you could ever […]

When did you first learn the value of a good mechanic?

Typically our first contact with a new customer is after they’ve seen a maintenance message in their Instrument Cluster. People want to know what it means & what it will cost. No matter
how closely you read you Owners Booklet, you’ll not find a explanation. That’s because Mercedes-Benz never explained the meanings of the different […]