Sometimes owners make the mistake of putting gas in their diesel.    A number of owners have told me their dealer charged them $20000 to fix the fuel system.   Dealers even replace the fuel tank.   This is outrageous.
There are several ways of dealing with this problem & spending $20000 is not one of them.    If this has happened to you, call or email me & I can give you your options.   If you suddenly realize you are pumping gas but haven’t completely filled the tank.   It depends on how much gas you have pumped in, & how hard it is to tow your vehicle to a repair shop.   If your out in the middle of nowhere, & it’s a huge hassle to tow your vehicle to a repair shop.    Let’s say you’ve only pumped in 5 gallons of gas.   Do not start the engine!    Go find some Marvel Mystery oil at a auto parts store.    Add a gallon of Marvel Mystery oil (MMO) for every 5 gallons of gas.    Top off the tank with diesel fuel.    Shake the vehicle to mix the MMO with the fuel.
The MMO will give the gas some lubricant so it will flow through the fuel pump & injectors.   (This only works on 5 to 10 gallons of gas in the tank.   More then that, & you really should tow it before you start the engine.)    Once you start it, keep the rpm’s up for 5 or ten minutes.   Don’t start driving.   You don’t want the engine to quit in the middle of traffic.     Stay at the gas station until you are sure the engine will run.    It should run, if it has MMO mixed in the fuel.    Drive it to the closest repair shop to have what’s left drained.   Once again, this is only if you are a long way from help & it’s a real hassle to tow the vehicle.   If you filled it all the way & started to drive when the engine quit, you have no choice but to tow it to a repair shop.   If you can suck out as much gas as possible & put one gallon of MMO for every 5 gallons of gas still in the tank.   It will still help if you can MMO in the gas before it is towed.   The MMO will help reduce the effects of the gas.
In an extream emergency, you can replace the fuel filter & fill the filter with half diesel fuel & half MMO.   Try to start the engine & keep the throttle open.   It’s not going to want to idle.    Give it as much throttle as it takes.    Make sure the gas in the tank has 2 or 3 gallons of MMO in it.   Try to shake the vehicle so the MMO mixes with the gas.   Once it starts, keep the rpm’s up so it doesn’t die.    Anything you can do to suck the gas out of the tank & replace it with diesel fuel will help.   But it must have MMO mixed with the gas.   ATF will do in a pinch, but MMO is much better.
If the high pressure fuel pump has locked up, it can sometimes be freed up, if you get MMO in it.   Take the fuel filter off & fill it with 100% MMO.   Crank the engine over so the MMO gets into the high pressure pump & the injectors.   It helps if it sets overnight with MMO soaking in the pump & injectors.   Then remove the fuel filter & replace it.   Fill the filter with 100% diesel fuel.    Make sure you get as much gas out of the tank as possible & refill with diesel fuel & one gallon of MMO in a full tank of diesel fuel.   If you still think you have several gallons of gas in the tank, find diesel fuel additive with “Cetane”.    Ford makes a real good one for their diesels.   Put one quart of “cetane” in with every 5 gallons of gas you may still have in the tank.
Try all of these things before you let the repair shop start replacing parts.   The only parts it may need, are the injectors, fuel filter, & the high pressure fuel pump.   When someone tells you it will cost $20000, look for someone else to make the repair.
Check with your Homeowners insurance.   They may pay for the repairs.   You car insurance doesn’t pay for this.

A smart guy would always carry a gallon of MMO, “Marine DEE_ZOL”, Ford diesel “Cetane”, & a new fuel filter in the vehicle.   If you think you got a bad load of fuel, dump the MMO & the Cetane in the tank right away.   It can’t hurt anything & can only help.    The Marine DEE-ZOL is for water that may be in the diesel fuel.    Ford Cetane is for generally bad diesel fuel.   The Marvel Mystery oil will give low sulfur diesel fuel enough sulfur to run through the high pressure fuel pump & injectors.   You can put a quart of MMO in every tank of fuel as preventive maintenance.   Mercedes even talks about the problems they are having with low sulfur fuel.   If you smell MMO, it smells like sulfur.   Sulfur has been in motor oil & diesel fuel for 70 years.   It’s an important part of good oil & diesel fuel.